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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Headshots for Entrepreneur / CEO of Vlassified.com

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Aron Schoenfeld, Small Business Entrepreneur, for a headshot photoshoot.

Having been exposed to the business world at a very early age, his father, an office supplies salesman, afforded Aron the opportunity to work in various business ventures while teaching him general business principles and sales practices. By the age of 15, Aron had already managed a successful office supply store and video rental business during the summers in a bungalow colony in Monticello, NY. Aron also worked door-to-door with his brother selling crock-pot and oven liners, as well as selling office supplies to corporations with his father, and working as a booking agent for a hotel in upstate New York.

 While pursuing an MBA from Baruch College, he worked full time in public accounting at several firms including Ernst and Young. During his time at Ernst and Young, he met a composer from The Juilliard School while playing darts at a local pub. After talking for a few hours and meeting a few more times, they co-founded DreamArtists Studios, a boutique music production company composing original music for television, film, and commercials. After success in the music industry while head of Business Operations at DreamArtists Studios, he decided to keep the music industry as his main focus. He is also co-founder of PipeDream Entertainment, a startup that will focus on experimental music for video and advertising. One of Aron's projects is Do It In Person, LLC (http://www.doitinperson.com/), a resource site to teach people in person communication skills and facilitate opportunities for these skills to be used and practiced. This site serves to be an aggregator of in person communication skills so that the next generation, which will grow up on social media, will have access to these resources to teach them real world skills.

Aron also serves on the Board of Advisors for New York Entrepreneur Week and the Bergen Newspaper Group and is very involved in various not for profit organizations throughout the New York area.

Aron's newest venture is Vlassified.com.  Businesses and classifieds will be able to make 30 second videos where they can explain their products, goods or services and sell it to the viewer. Maybe there is something unique about what you do or offer, you want to show off a special feature on the car you are going to sell or even showing a real view of the game from the seats your are going to sell. With pictures and words, these items may be hard to communicate – but with video, you will get your point across better than you ever have before.


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