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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trend: The Candy Buffet

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect.  One way to set a very sweet tone for your wedding reception is by doing away with traditional wedding favors and opting for the increasingly popular candy
We are all still children at heart, and nothing will bring that child out faster than seeing a beautifully decorated table overflowing with a bounty of candy. Sure, the wedding cake will always take center stage as the iconic sweet, but the candy buffet will satisfy your guests' need for sweets long after the cake has been cut. With the right amount of attention to detail, a candy buffet can be a hit for all ages and one wedding detail no guest is soon to forget.

Craft the perfect candy buffet.
There are endless possibilities for a gorgeous candy buffet. The hardest part might be finding your staring point. If your wedding already has a clear theme, it's relatively easy to find candy to match. It goes without saying that the best way to tie your candy buffet into your wedding theme is through color. An array of different candies can be found in every color you might need. Be creative, and make sure to get a variety of yummy sweets! Some people are more partial to fruity candy, while other are diehard chocoholics. Please them all and offer up a smorgasbord of everything sweet.
Shop around online to see what kinds of candy best suit your tastes and theme, just make sure that you get plenty! You'll probably want to purchase more than you think you need if you want to make a strong visual impact. While the candy is there to be consumed, do remember that it is also part of your wedding reception décor.

Create drama.
Simply placing a few jars of candy on a table is not going to make an impact. Make sure your candy buffet doesn't flop by adding tons of visual stimuli. Elegantly draped fabric, different sized jars, bowls, and dishes, and extra touches such as rose petals, mirrors, and candles can add much needed drama to the buffet table. Don't forget to provide your guests with scoops for the candy and a take away box. You can opt for simple cardboard boxes or cellophane bags if your budget is tight. Want something with a little more bang? Provide your guests with organza bags or monogrammed favor boxes. There are plenty of online companies that offer you a range of favor boxes and bags in any color you might need.
Here are some quick ideas based on common wedding themes to get you started.
Beach Theme
Drape tan or blue fabric on your table to create a seaside feel. Use real shells, sand dollars, and coral as added visuals for your buffet. You can even sprinkle sea glass or marbles around the tabletop to create interest and reflect light. Find dishes shaped like seashells to fill with candy and use alongside larger glass jars, vases, and/or bowls. If your wedding budget allows, offer specialty chocolate seashells and starfish. Looking for something more budget friendly? Buy bulk candy in your wedding colors. M&Ms, flavored Tootsie Rolls, and gummy candies can all be found in a range of colors.

Winter Theme
Nothing is more gorgeous than an all-white winter wedding. Take advantage of the beauty of a monochromatic color scheme and dazzle your guests with an all white candy buffet. Provide visual interest with different textured fabrics on your tabletop. Use a lace or organza overlay on your linen to add an air of delicacy. Light some tea candles around the buffet to bring warmth and reflect light. You can use strands of white Christmas lights to spruce up your buffet. Place some in the bottom of large vases and bowls or string them around your buffet. Fill your glassware with all white candies. White chocolates and white chocolate covered pretzels are sure to please. Rock candy in white and crystal clear will make a beautiful visual statement.

Asian Inspired
Use natural material such as a linen or silk for your tabletop. Bamboo placemats will add a nice detail. Include a few potted lucky bamboo plants to enhance an Asian theme. Subtle lighting provided by tea candles is always pretty, or you can hang some oriental lanterns over the buffet table. A jar full of fortune cookies is a must for a Chinese or Asian fusion themed wedding. Play off a yin and yang theme with jars of black and white candies placed side by side. Hit up your local Asian food store for some authentic regional candies. Your guests will delight in a new flavor experience. Don't forget to set out plenty of Chinese take-out boxes in your wedding color.

Customize your buffet.
This is your day, so make it your candy buffet! Make sure to include your favorite childhood goodies. Did you love candy necklaces? Did your groom grow up loving chocolate covered raisins? Let your guests know. Feature your favorite candies front and center with a sign that tells about your love affair with the delicious sweets. It's sure to make your guests nostalgic about their childhood favorite as well. Enjoy creating your one-of-a-kind candy buffet. You can delight knowing it will be a crowd pleaser.

Not that into candy?
If you prefer, you can take a similar approach to the candy buffet and create a dessert buffet. Offer up a range of cookies, pies, cakes, brownies, etc. Provide your guests with a cake box that matches your wedding colors or theme in which to take home their favorite dessert...or two. The possibilities are endless! Just remember to have fun and be creative. Your guests will appreciate an interactive favor, and extra sweets will make for an extra sweet wedding reception!

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